Boo Moo

Boo MooMeet Moo, the newest online darling in the Web 2.0 age. Moo has all the fundamentals: a nice AJAXy interface, Web2.0 colors, gradient fills, rounded corners galore, and lots and lots of buzz. They even sell a physical product, which is downright revolutionary. Perhaps they’re Web 2.1?

So I spent a couple hours choosing, resizing, uploading and cropping 100 photos. Gave Moo $20 and waited 10 days for my 100 business-card-sized mini photos to arrive in their collectors’ case. Alas, Moo messed up and sent me only 11 photos, each repeated 9 or 10 times.

Time to contact support. Moo doesn’t have a phone number (that would be so 2003), just an online form that you fill out and hope for the best. I got an automated response:

Thank you for contacting the MOO Print Team. I’ve sent this mail to let you know that your inquiry is in our customer service queue and that a real live MOO Service Agent will get back to you within 24 hours.

It’s been three days and no avail.

Boo Moo.

update: Moo came through.  Woo Moo!

3 thoughts on “Boo Moo

  1. Stefan Magdalinski

    Hmm, jim, I’m sorry about your bad experience – if you chose 100 different cards, you should have got 100 different cards.

    We have been trying to provide 100% customer service, but things have been very busy – I’ll take a look at what might have happened to your order, and someone will get back to you.

  2. Jim Post author

    Stefan, thanks for the follow-up. I also received an email from Brian earlier today, and look forward to giving Moo another shot.

    The quality of the cards and packaging is really impressive, not to mention getting shipment from the UK so quickly. We look forward to seeing more of Moo (I promise that’s my last Moo pun for the day).

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