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CNN Goes Crappy

CNNCrappy Headline
At some point, ‘crappy’ became an acceptable term for headlines from CNN. I’m not sure whether my surprise reflects changing societal standards or my continued descent into curmudgeondom.

I haven’t written for awhile, and claim a broken hip that put me on crutches for two months as an excuse, which is lame. However, I now have a shiny new Tablet PC that allows one to easily clip images from websites and complain about idiotic 23 year-old headline writers for major news outlets. So my six readers have that to look forward to.

I’d tell you all about my amazing new Lenovo X60T, but my wife might read this and she’s been enduring me telling her about all the wonderful details of this great machine for two weeks now, and she just might hit me over the head with it it if I keep carrying on.

update: The headline has been changed. It appears lousy is the new crappy.
Updated Headline